Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cell Phone Radiation Protection

There are billions of cell phones in the world. They have offered us unprecedented communications abilities.

Many feel that the cell phone radio frequency energy cause a cell phone safety or cell phone health problem.

I really do not want to enter into the fray of whether this is true or not. There are arguments on both sides.

As a scientist and research and development engineer, I know that scientific data can be presented in a way to "show just about anything" is true, or at least possibly true.

Having said that, and having my own opinion of the safety issue, I decided to come up with a "scientifically credible" technology to lessen the impact of radio frequency energy on the human body - specifically the human head.

I have decades as a hardware and software design engineer. You can read my resume, most of which describes my rocket scientist days.

Robert Palma Resume

There were many areas that I designed within. Electro-explosive device firing circuitry and switch mode power converters were two of these. By necessity of these design responsibilities, I had to become an expert in Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and the flip side of that, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).

Without getting to carried away, in the late 1970's and early 1980 I (in the Navy) and others (in the Air Force and NASA) came up with an approach to test the effectiveness of absorbing materials - electromagnetic absorbing materials.

This led me, today, to the cell phone radiation protection device known as the Noble1 RF absorber.

There is various engineering and test data on the site for this product. If you want to reduce the radio frequency energy to your head from a cell phone - you need to visit this site. Reduce Cell Phone Radiation To Your Head. Hope this is helpful to you.

Okay for now.

Blessings and prosperity to all.

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